Best Android Apps to Look Out for in 2017

It is quite a perplex situation when you have to choose you’re among millions of others in the Android store. A couple of travel and social media apps have always been the prime searches in the play store as they offer an absolute amalgamation of fun and entertainment. Travel and food apps are also high on the charts. Sorting the apps of your choice and having it downloaded for free on your phone is a dream come true! However, looking for the right and most useful app is not an easy job. Hence we offer you some of the best and Free music download apps for android in 2016 and that are a must to be looked out for in 2017 in order to enjoy a quality life.


Google Opinion Rewards

A super attractive app that is perfectly free and helps you earns money. It is an absolute pleasure to start with a minimal account and fill you sack with a pot of gold. Yes! ‘Google opinion rewards’ is an easily downloadable free app in which a speedy survey on Google helps you mint coins and earn well. This is a must have Android app that will definitely do some good to your pockets. A very small amount will be credited to your store and make the most of it and a quick Google survey to multiple it to major chunk.

Clean Master

Your phone is already stuffed with a colossal collection of music, movies, videos and games making it slow and irritating. Bid an adieu to the delay and welcome some speed on your phones with the much useful Android app ‘Clean Master’.  It prevents drainage of your battery and also helps you save power with its amazing features. It clears the junk and chucks out unnecessary and unwanted files and folders. It is yet another must-have app for all Android users to enjoy an unperturbed use smartphone.

Music Paradise Pro

As the name suggests, Music Paradise Pro app is one of the most popular and enchanting musical apps for all Android and i-phone users. It is specially designed for all music lovers allowing them to have an authorized access to download music from search engines like It is super-fast and free with an easy user-friendly interface and a wide collection of musical tracks of all times.

Apart from being a mere musical search app with a free and easy download, Music Paradise Pro app has introduced an all new captivating feature of allowing budding musicians to upload and submit their latest tracks. You can now skip the expensive live concerts or need not to wait for days to get the copyrighted version of popular English music and rock concerts but a single gentle tap on Music Paradise pro app can help you access music from the Beethoven to Taylor Swift.

The above 3 Android apps are some of the most useful and a complete entertainment for your smartphones. Mint money and relish quality music that will add to your pleasure. Now make most of your Android phone with the perfectly suited apps.

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