Top Alternatives Of ShowBox App

Maybe you’ve heard of the app Show Box but if you haven’t let me fill you in on this amazing service. It is basically a free version of a popular service known worldwide as Netflix. ShowBox for Windows 10, i-Phone, Android, PC is also available . Google Chromecast is also available for displaying the video onto a bigger screen like your TV. Sounds too good to be true which makes it the most popular app in its field. This has some negative effects sadly; the Show Box servers tend to get flooded by traffic from many people using it. However, fear not as there are of course alternatives, which give the same amount of service and quality.

ShowBox Alternatives

The first alternative is Play Box HD. Of course, it is available for Android, iOS, and PC devices and is downloaded very similarly to Show Box download, i.e., an APK file download. The official site for Play Box HD doesn’t mention anything about Chromecast however. Downloading movies is also an option onto the device for viewing without an Internet connection. You can also adjust the quality of your movie or show to coordinate with your broadband speed. Subtitles are also included much like the Show Box app.

Crackle is one of the best alternatives to Show Box with over 25 million people using it worldwide. It uploads it’s library every month with an already expanding library of thousands of movies and shows. Again, it is available for iOS and Android but no mention of PC support. Chromecast is supported though which makes up for it though. One feature which is ‘new’ which wasn’t mentioned in Show Box is the option to make a playlist for movies or episodes you want to watch later on which seems like an extremely easy way to keep tabs on what episode you’re on or a movie you don’t have time for at the moment.

This next service is an ‘official’ alternative; it is a big company but doesn’t provide it’s service worldwide yet. Hulu is popular for a big reason in that it gives you access to episodes and movies right after it airs (conditions apply of course). You can watch any episode for free depending on the show you choose which seems a bit fishy to me. It is Android, iOS, desktop, and Chromecast supported. Much like Crackle it has a ‘Watch List’ feature, which is basically a playlist for what you want to watch later. The videos are web-based streaming meaning you need an active Internet connection to watch them. The biggest advantage it has is that it provides more content than the more famous streaming services.

The last alternative is Hubi, which seems like an ultimate alternative for Android users (iOS sadly is not included in this service). It has a download feature, which is always welcome as well as a feature we haven’t seen much of. This would be the choice to pick what player you want to use (Mx Player, V Player, etc.). Streaming movies is doen through external links as well. You can also send video links to your friends, which is a cool feature to easily share your favorite shows and movies.

Hopefully this helped you find another way to entertain yourself if you wanted to try something other than Show Box or choose not pay for Netflix.

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